Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Wedding season

We're in the thick of wedding season right now which I love. Always makes me think back to our big day...

I love being able to put the personal touch on a big day like this, and since I enjoy doing lot of crafts, I thought that I'd spend some of my spare time adding touches that would make the day extra memorable. 

Piñatas are not so common in the UK, but they are growing in popularity. Having been born in the USA, pinatas were a staple part of birthday and other celebrations. 

I thought I'd share the wedding piñata I made (the design is from this website). 

Wedding piñata

Traditionally to play the piñata game, you blindfold the first contestant, spin them and then they must hit the piñata with a wooden stick or pole. (Make sure everyone else stands at a distance!) It usually takes a few people quite a few goes to break the piñata, which is made of a paper maché base. Once the piñata is broken open, treats, toys or sweets fall out. 

I filled the piñata with lip balms, scratch cards, sweets, and cycling inner tubes (don't ask).  The piñata formed the centre piece of tissue paper pompoms that I also made. 

Display outside our wedding venue

So I know this strictly has little to do with dairy free, but I hope it brightens your day, and if you're planning a wedding, gives you a little bit of inspiration! 

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