Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Planning a rainbow party?

Well T finally turned one the other weekend, and we celebrated by throwing him a rainbow party with all his friends. 

Here are some of the ideas I used for inspiration, hell, let's face it, I'm a bit of a pinterest addict!

These are really simple to do, you just need about 8 sheets of tissue paper per pom pom. With all tissue paper lined up evenly, take the shorter edge and concertina it back and forth until all the paper is folded. 

In the middle of the folded sheets, tie a piece of string or wire, then trim the two ends of the tissue paper (you can make rounded edges or pointy ones depending on the style that you want). 

Once you've done this, pull apart each of the sheets of tissue paper to "fluff" up the ball. 

All about the decorations! I bought rainbow bunting off of eBay.

The cake

Rainbow hundreds and thousands cake! My cake making expertise only extends to making a two layer cake. The easiest thing to do rather than spooning the decorations on, was to pick it up and gently roll the sides in a tray of the hundreds and thousands. 
More cake ideas:

Rainbow snack ideas:

Rainbow jelly. Simply (but a bit time consuming!) to make. 
Rainbow jelly: You will need packets of blackcurrant (or grape if you are in the USA), blue - I imagine this would be harder to find and need food colouring, lime, lemon, orange and strawberry/raspberry. 

Make the purple jelly first  and pour into cups. This will need an hour or two to set before making the next layer, and the next etc. 

Rainbow fruit kebabs, I used strawberries, melon, pineapple, green and red grapes and blueberries.

There are so many great ideas out there. Have a look at my pinterest page