Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Spinach and Potato Cakes

I made these at the same time as making my Dairy Free Fish Pie. All it took was boiling up some potatoes to mash separately.

1 large potato, mashed
1 handful of spinach, chopped.
1 tsp dairy free sunflower spread
2-3 tbsp olive oil for frying. Alternatively can be baked in the oven.

  1. Boil chopped potato until soft and breaking up easily for the mash. 
  2. Drain fully, and mash with the dairy free sunflower spread. 
  3. Whilst it is still hot, add the spinach. I cut the spinach up with scissors to make the pieces easier to manage. 
  4. Mix the potatoes and spinach together until the spinach wilts, then set aside until cool enough to handle. 
Leave the potato and spinach mash to cool before rounding into balls. 

     5.  At this point, once cooled, add enough breadcrumbs to make the mixture firm enough to roll into balls (I made them about golf ball size).
     6.  Place the flattened potato balls in a heated frying pan with the oil. Cook for about 5 minutes on each side until they form a lovely golden crust.
     7.  Alternatively, cook in an oven at about 180C until golden brown. 

Make this at the same time as my Fish Pie to save time! 

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