Saturday, 4 July 2015

Under 15 Minutes: Ideas with an Avocado

In a rush, and haven't been to the shops lately? Here is another EasyDairyFree Fifteen minutes or less meal: 

1/2 ripe avocado, mashed. 

Serving Ideas:

Avocado and Banana
Mash with 1/2 banana and a small amount of milk substitute. Blend to your desired consistency. 

Avocado and Butter Beans
Add the avocado with 1/2 400g tin of butter beans into a food processor. Add 30mls milk substitute. Blend. 

Avocado Dippers
For the older baby - avocado is a great medium for dipping things into. Try pitta bread, rice cakes, cooked sticks of carrot or broccoli florets, cucumber sticks, toast, strips of cooked chicken breast. 

Avocado Roll ups
Take the mashed avocado and spread onto one side of a tortilla. Tightly roll the tortilla up and cut horizontally. Great idea for picnics with older children. 

Top tip - brush the un-used half of the avocado with lemon juice before putting back in the fridge to keep it from browning. 

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