I trained as a Doctor in the UK, qualifying in 2005 and now specialising in Anaesthetics. With no [disclaimer alert] specific paediatric nor nutrition qualifications, you could argue that my medical status is completely irrelevant. And in some ways, it is. 

Being on the "inside" of the medical world can give you a different perspective on things. It  means that I have studied different types of allergies at medical school; it means I have seen and treated patients in anaphylactic shock, and it means that I have know the language of "medical speak". 

Ultimately, my medical degree didn't really matter at all. 

When it came down to it, I was the same as every other worried parent. There really is no respite from the worry and anxiety that you have done something to your baby, and there is every desire in the world to see them normal again. 

Little Mr T and his new shoes. 

Since T was diagnosed with Cow's milk allergy (CMA), so many other friends have spoken up about their child's allergies. It really is more common than I thought. 

They, like me, had suffered the same delays and frustrations before realising what the problem was. They have been remarkably supportive and kind, and keen to share their information and recipes with me. Knowing that others were going through the same thing as our family was a massive source of support. 

Philosophy of eating in our house! 

When T received his diagnosis, I was still breastfeeding and I was afraid of being dairy free- what would it mean for T and me? How on earth would he get enough calcium? Was he going to be affected forever? Was it something I'd done? Was I going to be deprived of chocolate and cheese forever?!

In some ways, it has actually broadened my food horizons, as I am forced to be more creative and explore new ingredients and tastes. 

Jamie Oliver dairy free chocolate cookies

I hope that I can aid and inspire you in your dairy free journey. I don't profess to know everything about CMA, but I am learning. I'm not seeking to provide medical advice of any kind (and will politely refuse all requests to do so, so please don't ask). I'm also not looking to replace the already multitude of excellent blogs already out there, instead, I'm hoping to give a slightly new perspective on what is a well established problem. 


A x