Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Products: Salt Free Stock Cubes

Babies under 1 year should have no more than 1g of salt in their diet. These stock cubes from boots are fantastic as they contain NO salt. 

As I cook a lot of Little T's meals from scratch, I can be sure that he's getting well under the daily limit with these stock cubes. 

See the link here which talks about daily salt limits for babies (NHS website) 

TOP TIP - if you don't need a whole cube (each cube makes 500mls stock) then just cut the cube into 4 and adjust your liquid amounts appropriately! 

1 cube - 500mls boiling water. 
1/2 cube - 250mls
1/4 cube - 125mls

I use these in everything!

These stock cubes come available in vegetable, chicken and beef. I find that I use the vegetable ones the most. 

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