Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Easy Breakfast Ideas

Looking for ideas for quick and easy breakfasts that are dairy free for your little one, then look no further!

Cheerios are better for the older child, but I give these to T as a snack, often popping a few on his highchair tray when I am getting his meal ready. He's just started to use a pincer grip to pick things up, so this is a good way for him to practice it.

Lots of baby cereals seem to come with milk added, so it was a bit of a challenge going through the recipe labels in the supermarket or Boots searching for the milk-free options. The Fruity crunch cereal goes down well in our house, and I make it up with T's milk-substitute so I know he's getting plenty of calcium. 

Other dairy free products in this range include Banana and Strawberry porridge, Fruity museli, Multigrain banana porridgeWholegrain wheat flakesTropical fruit cereal and Fruit museli

For fairness, and so I can't be accused of favouring one brand, there are also some good dairy free cereals in these ranges:

Organix - multigrain porridge, raspberry and banana museli, strawberry and banana porridge. 

Ella's Kitchen - wakey wake baby cereal, Mango banana and strawberry cereal

Other products are available! This list is by no means exhaustive. 

Ready brek is another in our breakfast selection. Although this label says it is not suitable for milk allergy sufferers, it is explained in this leaflet here, as it is due to the possibility of milk contamination rather than containing milk itself. It therefore has to be up to you whether you risk this or not for your child depending on the severity of their allergy. As T does not have an immediate anaphylaxis type allergy, he has been ok with Ready brek, but you have to exercise your own discretion with this one. 

Weetabix is like a sponge for milk, so if I'm ever concerned that T isn't drinking enough of his formula, he gets Weetabix for breakfast. I often defrost some puree that I have in the freezer to mix in with this, and it always gets finished off! 

Omelette is easy to do and is dairy free. Melt a small knob of dairy free spread in a saucepan and add a beaten egg. I find that the secret is to leave it until virtually cooked through before trying to turn over (stops it sticking to the base of the frying pan!) I've linked to the veggie omelette recipe, but just leave the veggies out for a breakfast omelette. 

Why not try some toast? I always check that I go for soy-flour free options (which is harder than you think!). Just put some dairy free spread and perhaps a think scraping of jam if you're feeling generous! I served this up this morning with a helping of blueberries (T's current favourite). 

Fruit Salad 
Simple and easy. Just chop up some fruit into manageable pieces for your baby. 
Ideas: Banana, kiwi, pear, apple, strawberry, blueberry, nectarine, peach, melon or anything else you can think of! Remember if you offer things like grapes that they are cut in half so that they don't provide a choking risk. Add some dairy free coconut yoghurt too?

If you have any more recipes, then please let me know! I'm always open to more ideas, especially where speed and simplicity are the key! 

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